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EXPAND Business Solutions, Inc.

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EXPAND Your Business • EXPAND Your Success!


EXPAND began serving companies of all sizes in 1995. We’re serious about the work we do & we consider every project important & an opportunity to make “GREAT” happen!

EXPAND’s 3 Key Objectives

#1: Create, Implement and Manage Powerful Advertising and Marketing Strategies that Lead to Increased Sales and Growth for YOU and your Company! Prosperity is the reward for providing value, working honestly, smart and hard.

#2: Get better at what we do every day! Like everyone else, we have a lot to learn and we look forward to learning more every day and thus EXPAND ourselves and increase our value to our clients!

#3: We believe in Individual Freedom and Prosperity, Justice and Accountability, Liberty, and Truth. We want to help spread these principles, strengthen them, and preserve them! We believe that by living with and abiding by these principles we can all reach our true and highest potential!

EXPAND’s founder, Ed Brinton, has more than 25 years experience in the industry. Educated at the University of Utah (U), Salt Lake Community College (SLCC), Professional Training Courses (PTC), Making Things Happen (MTH), Creative Ingenuity (CI), etc. in Art, Graphic Design, Computer Graphics, Economics, Marketing, Advertising, and Project Management.

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We Believe…

The More We Focus Our Heart, Might,
Mind and Strength On a Target –
We EXPAND Ourselves…

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…the More We EXPAND Ourselves –
the More Likely We Are to Hit Our Target!

“Great Success Follows Great Solutions!”

EXPAND Business Solutions