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EXPAND Business Solutions, Inc.

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New EXPAND Services

Web Hosting, Site Maintenance, & Email Plans

Great EXPAND Service and Attention – Given to Your Site & Email Needs!
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EXPAND Marketing Plans & Services

IS IT TIME to open an online store? Is it time to increase direct sales?
NOW may be the right time! How would an on-line store and more direct sales strengthen your company now and in the future?

EXPAND can build you a great online store and maintain it for you! We can help you increase your direct sales.

EXPAND Advertising Services

Get the Message of Your Company Out to Your Target Market!
Keep getting the good news out! Keep the communication channels open.

What Advertising Channels are essential to your success?
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EXPAND Website Design

A Strong Online Presence is a MUST – Don't Miss Out!
Now may be the most important time ever to increase the power of your website! We Design & Build Custom Websites and we also Provide Hosting & Email Services.
(Click to see the Great Plans we offer)
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EXPAND Graphic Design

Attractive Graphic Design is Very Important These Days.
Great Design Can Greatly Increase Your Sales, Effectiveness & Success!

ALL Projects are Carefully Planned, Designed & Managed for Success!
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EXPAND Printing Services

Get Your Company Professional Looking & Effective Collateral!
Full Color & Spot Color Printing, Business Cards, NCR Forms, Stationary, Publications, Brochures, Ads, Wraps, Billboards, Packaging, Exhibits, etc.

What collateral should you be using to win the day?
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EXPAND Consulting

A Strong & Capable Team is Key to Success!
Planning, Solutions, Strategies, Coaching, Research, Analysis, Advising, Managing. Don’t move forward without Vital Information, Knowledge, & Peace of Mind!

Hiring EXPAND Grows Your Team & Makes it Stronger!
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EXPAND Business Branding Services

Get Your Company a more Professional Look & Stronger Industry Position!
Logos, Products, Packaging, (See 2 Samples) Collateral, Company Personality, Kits, Forms, Touch Points, In-House Promotions, Standard Manuals & Guides, just to name a few…

Winning your Customer’s Confidence is the #1 Factor in Growing Your Business!
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EXPAND Managing

Get Your Company Projects Managed & Completed in a Professional Manner!
A+ Project Management, Maintenance, Campaigns, Creative Systems, Tools, Standards & much more…

Don’t Waste Time, Money, and Personnel on Marketing Projects Better Done by EXPAND!
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EXPAND Exhibit Design

Get Your Company Seen & Sell Your Products/Services at Trade Shows & Events!
Exhibits, Booths, Content & Design, Art & Images, Quality Assurance, Delivery, Install, Removal, Collateral.

How Can Your Next Tradeshow be More Successful?
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Get Your Company Professional & Beautiful Images!
Photography, Illustration, Technical, Instructional, Graphics, Fine Art, InfoGraphics.

An Image is Worth a Thousand Words! The Right Advertising Image Could be Earn Your Company Millions of Dollars!
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Why EXPAND Business Solutions?
1) Why EXPAND? Guidance! Because the moment you opened for business - you knew success would require quality, strength, knowledge, confidence, and growth. Today, you also know you need some GUIDANCE along the way.
2) Why EXPAND? Team Work! Because you know you can’t do everything! You need a strong and competent MARKETING TEAM to COMPETE and WIN!
3) Why EXPAND? Winning! Because when you’re advertising, giving a sales presentation, or providing service - you must WIN the confidence of others to succeed! Since 1995, EXPAND has assisted our clients in doing just that!
4) Why EXPAND? A Marketing Plan! Because MARKETING PLANS are the #1 Tool of Successful Businesses! EXPAND will work with you to create and maintain a powerful, high-performance MARKETING PLAN!
5) Why EXPAND? We Care! Because EXPAND offers decades of marketing experience, real business know-how, an extensive list of marketing services, and WE CARE about YOU and your success! Click here to see what some of our clients have said.

Contact EXPAND today because you need a strong and competent Marketing Team to succeed! We look forward to hearing from YOU and Thank You for your considerations!

Just one click or call, that’s all!

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“I have enjoyed working with Ed the past six years. He and his staff have come to our aid many times in very stressful situations. Ed shares my same work ethic, which is hard to find in today's workplace, has great ideas, is fun to work with and has never missed a deadline. I look forward to working with him in the future!”

– Jane Dale, Marketing Director, Dr. Sziklai's Advocacy System

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