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About EXPAND Business Solutions

EXPAND began creating powerful advertising & marketing tools for any size company in 1995. We’re serious about the work we do & we consider every project important & an opportunity to make “GREAT” happen!

Create, Implement & Manage Powerful Advertising & Marketing Strategies that Lead to Increased Sales & Growth for YOUR Business! We believe in Individual Freedom & Prosperity & want to help spread them, strengthen them, & preserve them! Freedom is the only way everyone’s true potential can be realized! Prosperity is the reward for providing value, working honestly, smart & hard!

Get better at what we do every day! Like everyone else, we have a lot to learn & look forward to learning more every day & thus increasing our value to our clients!

Essentials of Powerful Marketing & Advertising:

  1. Know WHY you’re in Business, the Product/Service Your Company Provides
  2. Define in Detail ALL Your Needs & Desired Outcomes
  3. Know & Describe Your Customers & Target Market Extremely Well
  4. Assemble a Skilled, Knowledgeable & Creative Team
  5. Create a Powerful & Creative Marketing Plan
  6. Implement Your Plan Creatively & Wisely & Follow Your Plan
  7. Use a Variety of Advertising & Marketing Methods
  8. Track Results, Be Flexible, Dynamic, & Consistent — Adjust as Needed

EXPAND Business Solutions’ comprehensive services are right for any size company.

Essentially, EXPAND is the correct choice for anyone wanting their company’s marketing & advertising – powerfully planned & designed to get results, save time & money, & serve them well for many years to come.

EXPAND’s founder, Ed Brinton, has more than 25 years experience in the industry. Educated at the University of Utah & Salt Lake Community College in Art, Graphic Design, Computer Graphics, & Economics.

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